Featured Publications

2017     -Turner, R. (2017). Arts and Minds: Clarifying the relationship between social cognition               and the arts. On Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, 2. Retrieved:              


              -Turner, R. & Felisberti, F. M. (2017). Measuring Mindreading: A review of    

              behavioral approaches to testing cognitive and affective mental state attribution in        

              neurologically typical adults. Frontiers in Psychology. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00047 

2016     -Turner, R. (2016, May 9). A Show for a Change? - How Theatre Can Transform Us.   

              http://theatreperform.com. View article.

2010     -Koch, T., Smith, P., Turner, R., & Hutnik, N. (2010). Storytelling with UK

              Centenarians. University of Surrey Press, Guildford. View/download.

              -Koch, T., Turner, R., & Hutnik, N. (2010). Storytelling Reveals the Active, Positive

              Lives of Centenarians. Journal for Nursing Older People. 22(8), 31-66. 

              -Turner, R. (2010). After Central, Alumni Newsletter. Central School of Speech and    

              Drama, London.


Conference Presentations

2017     -Turner, R. & Felisberti, F. M. (2017). Fiction Matters: Divergent links between fiction                 media exposure, genre preferences and social skills. Poster session presented at        

              American Psychological Association Annual Covention, Washington DC. 

              -Turner, R. (2017). Bookworms, film buffs and thespians: Divergent relationships    

              between experience of fiction media, genre and empathic traits. Paper presented at    

              Systemic Cognition Symposium, Kingston, UK.

              -Turner, R. (2017). Bookworm, film-buff or thespian? Investigating the relationship  

              between fictional worlds and real-world social abilities. Paper presented at Kingston

              University Postgraduate Research Conference, Kingston, UK.

              -Turner, R. & Felisberti, F. M. (2017). To read or not to read? Divergent  

              relationships between experience of fiction media, genre and empathic abilities. Poster

              session presented at British Psychological Society Annual Conference, Brighton, UK. 

2016     -Turner, R. (2016). Fiction and Psychology. Paper presented at Kingston University

              Postgraduate Research Conference, Kingston, UK.


Other Presentations

2017     -Guest lecturer, The Art of Character: Fiction and Performance for Social and          

              Psychological Change. Psychology of Art and Film module at Kingston University.

             - The Effects of Engaging with Fictional Worlds on Social Cognition and Behaviour,    

              Vitae Three-minute Thesis competition at Kingston University.

2016     -Doing a PhD in Psychology. Talk at Kingston University Careers in Psychology event.


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