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Turner, R., & Noon, E. J. (2019). The European Federation of Psychology Students'    

             Associations Junior Researcher Programme: A review from two research project

             supervisors. PsyPAG Quarterly, 113, 44-46. 

Turner, R. & Felisberti, F. M. (2018). Relationships between fiction media, genre, and

 empathic abilities. Scientific Study of Literature, 8, 261-292. doi: 10.1075/ssol.19003.tur

Turner, R. & Felisberti, F. M. (2017). Measuring mindreading: A review of    

             behavioral approaches to testing cognitive and affective mental state attribution in        

             neurologically typical adults. Frontiers in Psychology. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00047 

Koch, T., Smith, P., Turner, R., & Hutnik, N. (2010). Storytelling with UK

             Centenarians. University of Surrey Press, Guildford. View/download.

Koch, T., Turner, R., & Hutnik, N. (2010). Storytelling reveals the active, positive lives of

             centenarians. Journal for Nursing Older People. 22, 31-66. 





Turner, R. (2019). Empathy, agency and the environment at BSLS 2019. British Society of

              Literature and Science Spring Newsletter. https://www.bsls.ac.uk/bsls-newsletters/ 

Turner, R. (2017). Arts and minds: Clarifying the relationship between social cognition                            and the arts. On Aesthetics, Creativity & the Arts, 2. 


Turner, R. (2016, May 9). A show for a change? How theatre can transform us. 


Turner, R. (2010). After Central. Alumni Newsletter, Central School of Speech and    

              Drama, London.



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