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-Recent study on links between fiction and empathic abilities Press Release. 

-Measuring Mindreading: A review of behavioral approaches to testing cognitive and affective mental state attribution in neurologically typical adults. Open access article.

-Article for the APA Division 10 newsletter, August 2017: "Arts and Minds" Here. 




Welcome to my website, I'm glad you could make it! I'm a Psychology Researcher, Actor and Writer. My doctoral research examines the effects of engaging with fictional and theatrical worlds on social cognition and behaviour. I also work in a range of applied arts settings including arts-based skills development (design and delivery) with Launchpad, creative training in dementia care (delivery and filmmaking) with Ladder to the Moon and assessments in prison settings. I also teach Research Methods in Psychology (MSc). My work is all about combining science and art to create positive change in the world. On this website you'll find publications, presentations, performances, blog, networking and contact info. Thanks so much for dropping by ~Rose Turner

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