*New paper out now: "Relationships between fiction media, genre, and empathic abilities"

*I'm supervising a new project (registered report for JEPS) on digital communication and empathy, through EFPSA, kicking off with a Summer School in Greece in July

*I'm looking forward to participating in a workshop on empathy and truth at SOAS in June




Image: The Oxford Times


Welcome to my website, I'm glad you could make it! My research examines the effects of engaging with fictional worlds on cognition, empathy and behaviour, and I teach Psychology and quantitative and qualitative research methods and analysis at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My background is in the performing arts and I also work as a science communicator, actor, writer, and applied arts practitioner. This takes me into a range of contexts, including school, criminal justice, clinical and social care settings. On this site you'll find info about research, presentations, publications, performances, blog and getting in touch. Thanks for dropping by. 

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