*STEM communication: I'll be talking science while the Free Radicals improvise a show around it on 19th October at Smokin' Billy's in Reading. Tickets and info

*Honoured to receive the Oustanding Student Paper Award at the International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature and Media biennial conference, July 2018 in Stavanger

*Awarded a Qualtrics Academic Bursary at Qualtrics X4 Europe for my current experimental research examining fiction-effects on empathy. Presentation of award

*Research has featured in: Science DailyPsych CentralHealth Medicine Network

Vita (Greece), Newsbeast (Greece), Kapa News (Greece)

Niestatystyczny (Poland)IFL ScienceEuropolitisWorld NewsIDN Times (India)New Zealand HeraldThe IndependentThe Daily MailThe MetroThe TelegraphRadio JackieMiskin RadioYourTango, and US News channels CV 33 (Dallas), CBS 13 News (Sacramento), PHL17 (Philadelphia)



Image: The Oxford Times


Welcome to my website, I'm glad you could make it! My research examines the effects of engaging with fictional worlds on cognition, empathy and behaviour. My background is in the performing arts and I also work as a science communicator, actor and writer, as well as teaching, applied arts and psychology in occupational settings. This takes me into a range of contexts, including schools and HE, criminal justice, clinical and social care settings. On this site you'll find info about research, presentations, publications, performances, blog and getting in touch. Thanks for dropping by. 

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